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Welcome to Cape Town Marathon 2021 Novice Programme


“No one is born a perfect runner. And none of us will become one. But through incremental steps, we can become better runners. And that’s the beauty of our sport: There are no shortcuts, nothing is given to us; we earn every kilometre and we earn every result.”

Talking of earning every kilometre we want to challenge YOU to make your running goal for the Cape Town Marathon bigger than you! #ROADTOCTM

The teams at Strength:Lab and Guns n’ Roses have joined forces for the Cape Town Marathon 2021 #ROADTOCTM

Our Novice programme will guide you step by step on a 20 Week Programme to Race Day as part of a Run for Charity Drive !  We will provide you with the knowledge and guidance of training, racing, health and nutrition to lead a proper healthy and successful endurance lifestyle. Whether young or old, beginner or elite, we want you to get the most out of your running and to be the best you can be.

  • 20 week marathon training plan
  • Strength & mobility videos
  • Sports science webinars
  • Unlimited access to Coach Jateen

Let’s run at R1,R2,R3 etc per km  for all our training miles from 1 June 2021 to 17 Oct 2021. Together all our miles will become the Ultimate Donation Relay. From 1 June 2021 to 17 October 2021, let us work together to ‘collect’ as many kilometres as possible. Every kilometre you run in training and on race day will count towards the Ultimate Donation Relay.

It’s very simple, if you run 800km during your training, including race day miles between 1 June 2021 and 17 October 2021,  at a chosen donation rate of R1/km you donate R800.  You have the option of choosing different rates of R1, R2, R3, R4 or R5 per KM.

Further get your family and friends to sponsor your miles too for added Charity benefit. They are welcome to use your miles at their chosen donation rate and help raise the total contribution of the #RoadtoCTM team. They too can sign up below and choose you as their sponsored runner.

All kilometres logged will be updated on our website leaderboard so you can track your own running, together with the #RoadtoCTM grand total to see how much money we are raising collectively.  As soon as you sign up your name and goal will be added to the leaderboard !!!

Follow these simple steps to join the #RoadtoCTM movement:

  1. Sign Up for #RoadtoCTM below
  2. Download your #RoadtoCTM running logbook
  3. Train for Cape Town Marathon 2021
  4. We total your KM’s for the training months and race day
  5. Get family & friends to sponsor your miles too for added Charity benefit
  6. Have Fun

With running, what you put in is what you get out. Use this as a challenge to increase your motivation, which lowers your perceived effort, knowing that every step you take out there helps someone through these difficult times we currently face. We all have a quest to achieve our own personal goals but make that goal about something bigger than you, this month!

Please encourage your fellow runners and family and friends to join the cause at anytime as every step helps and counts towards our collective goal.

Remember to maintain and stay within all your local COVID-19 social distancing exercise related guidelines.

Thank you for your support.



The Road to Cape Town Marathon Manifesto

You are an athlete !!!

An athlete is a motivated person who takes responsibility for what they want to achieve from a Health and Performance perspective. They are propelled forward by their vision and they create their circumstances and environment to consistently live a healthy endurance lifestyle and push performances to the next level.

An athlete is a Results Driven Person, not afraid to ask for guidance or help those around them become a better version of themselves. An athlete is respected by their coach and peers for their Unstoppable and Goal Driven Mindset. An athlete does not see barriers, they navigate problems as though they were nothing more than roadblocks.

An athlete’s training is Smart, Focused and Quality Driven. “Can’t” is not a word that exists in their vocabulary. An athlete knows that all journeys begin with a starting point and that with proper time and focus they can continue to progress, get healthier, fitter, faster and stronger.

An athlete Takes Control of their training, health, goals, body and mind. It is a Mentality, It is a Lifestyle Choice. It is your confident inner self, it means putting in the time, setting and meeting those training and fitness goals, pushing aside your doubts, all your fears, all of your excuses and all of the reasons why you think you can’t do it…. 




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