I am excited for the next 30 days and the adventure we are going on together. You need only 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for the next 30 days to completely change your core and build stronger, defined abs. 

Each day you will find two videos, one is the introduction/demo to the lesson. Watch this carefully to be sure you are using proper form and technique for each exercise in the workout.

The second is your daily workout. Once you have the technique memorized, you will only need to watch the workout video for that day.

There are 5 videos in the program. The videos rotate throughout the month, so you will repeat the 5 videos throughout the month! You can check your Workout Calendar located below to see which videos you are supposed to be doing on which days (Click on ONE or ABS001 for Day One). Week Two kicks off with Day Two and rotates from there.

Repetition is crucial in both feeling and seeing results, as you are targeting specific areas of the body to maximize your results!

I encourage you to mix and match the levels of difficulty to challenge yourself and incorporate a new routine each week!

Set a schedule 5 days a week to devote these 10 minutes for yourself. No excuses! In 30 days you will be a more confident, fitter, better version of yourself.


Day Date Day Workout  Comments
Monday 1 Feb 2021 ONE  ABS001
Tuesday 2 Feb 2021 TWO ABS002
Wednesday 3 Feb 2021 THREE ABS003
Thursday 4 Feb 2021 REST/STRECH
Friday 5 Feb 2021 FOUR ABS004
Saturday 6 Feb 2021 FIVE ABS005
Sunday 7 Feb 2021 REST DAY
Monday 8 Feb 2021 TWO  ABS002
Tuesday 9 Feb 2021 THREE ABS003
Wednesday 10 Feb 2021 FOUR ABS004
Thursday 11 Feb 2021 REST/STRECH
Friday 12 Feb 2021 FIVE ABS005
Saturday 13 Feb 2021 ONE  ABS001
Sunday 14 Feb 2021 REST DAY
Monday 15 Feb 2021 THREE ABS003
Tuesday 16 Feb 2021 FOUR ABS004
Wednesday 17 Feb 2021 FIVE ABS005
Thursday 18 Feb 2021 REST/STRECH
Friday 19 Feb 2021 ONE ABS001
Saturday 20 Feb 2021 TWO  ABS002
Sunday 21 Feb 2021 REST DAY
Monday 22 Feb 2021 FOUR ABS004
Tuesday 23 Feb 2021 FIVE ABS005
Wednesday 24 Feb 2021 ONE  ABS001
Thursday 25 Feb 2021 REST/STRECH
Friday 26 Feb 2021 TWO ABS002
Saturday 27 Feb 2021 THREE ABS003
Sunday 28 Feb 2021 REST DAY
Monday 1 Mar 2021 FIVE ABS005
Tuesday 2 Mar 2021 ONE  ABS001