Developing future Superheroes…

StrengthLab is OPEN

We are excited to have everyone back at StrengthLab !

When you at the studio, your safety will be our number one priority. This means that we will need to do some things differently. You can find out more about our safety protocols here.




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Sports Scientists developing Superheroes through physical literacy by providing elite services in:


Strength:Lab Superheroes provides a fun, engaging way for kids to learn fundamental movements based on Superheroes movement patterns. We provide a progressive curriculum grounded in world-class sports science, with a spin that kids love.

Strength:Lab Running offers coaching services for endurance running for all ages. We develop individual, scientifically-based training plans that are tailored to your unique body traits, lifestyle, fitness level and goals.

We also have an Adult Strength & Conditioning programme, which focuses specifically on Adult Functional Fitness to improve strength and skill for common body movements for purposes of running, cycling as or just keeping active!

Full details of each of these can be found below.

Strength:Lab Kids SuperHeroes

Strength:Lab Adults Strength Training

Strength:Lab Running

Strength:Lab Workouts